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On the latest iPhones and  Samsung phones, data is encrypted and stored on a flash memory chip that is soldered to the phone's logic board. As a result, it is not possible to remove the flash memory chip in order to extract the data. The only possible scenario to access the data is to correct the fault on the logic board to get the phone to power on long enough to retrieve the stored data. 
Once the device is able to boot, we are able to extract the data and create a backup. All folders containing pictures, videos, notes, contacts, and text messages are parsed, that is, taking data in one format and transforming it to another format so the customer is able to view their data on their PC.


Standard Data Recovery: ($200-$500)

(no data, no fee guarantee)

The average time in queue is 2 weeks.

Data Extraction and Delivery:
Data extraction and parsing into useable folders on a USB drive:
This service includes a 64GB USB. Larger drives are available for an additional cost.
Data delivery by iCloud backup-by request.

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